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We honour your time and fully understand that searching for a house can be a daunting task in South Delhi. We at Rental South Delhi are committed to minimize this process and make ensure that every step of the process is absolutely hassle-free right from the ground up. Some of the key services that we deliver to you are:

  • Personalized tour of residential colonies and residences and guide them on suitability of accommodation.
  • Transparent and clear information about the market value and price of property and other legal technicalities.
  • Accompany clients to local convenience centres and shopping districts.
  • Information related to upkeep and maintenance of house, utility bills etc.
  • The best residential properties offered based on your budget.
  • Arrange one-to-one meeting between client and owners for negotiations.
  • Assistance with rental lease agreement.
  • Offer multiple residential options to clients till all their requirements are met.
  • Coordinate appointments to show home to prospective clients.
  • Asking clients to determine what kind of properties they are seeking.
  • Generate lists of properties that are compatible with client's needs and financial resources.
  • Display residential properties to clients and explain their features as per the client's convenience.
  • Accompany clients during visits to and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability.
  • Advice clients on Market conditions, Prices, legal requirements and related matters.
  • Compare a property with similar properties that have recently rent and availability in/ out to determine its competitive market price.
  • Contact property owners and advertise services to solicit property rent listing.
  • Evaluate options to help clients obtain financings at the best prevailing rates and terms.
  • Arrange for title searches to determine whether clients have clear property ti​tle ​
  • And getting the key for the client.


Stand-Alone Apartment, Penthouse Villas, Inependent Bungalows, Un/Furnished Homes, Independent House with drive-way, Apartment with Terrace Garden